2017.08.21 | History and archaeology

Borgring: 1000-year-old Viking fortress uncovered in Denmark

It is the fifth Viking castle to be discovered in the country since the 1930s.

2017.08.20 | History and archaeology

Zeus-statuen var 7. vidunder og et stærkt politisk billede

Guld, elfenben, ædelsten og ibenholt, der blev ikke sparet på noget, da man skulle hylde grækernes største gud med en statue. Men Zeusstatuen var også et stærkt politisk billede, som skulle vise bystaten Elis’ og Olympias position udadtil.

2017.08.18 | History and archaeology

1,000-Year-Old Stump of Wood May Hold the Key to Viking Fortress Secrets

Danish archeologists have uncovered a technologically advanced fortress from the late 10th century—the first one discovered in more than six decades.

2017.08.18 | History and archaeology

Professorship in Urban Archaeology (W2, 100 %, permanent)

Position advertised at one of UrbNet's partner institutions.

2017.08.17 | History and archaeology

Incredible Viking Ring Fortress Discovered In Denmark

We tend to think of the Vikings as a transient culture, riding the high seas, pillaging villages, and then making off with the spoils. Yet more and more evidence is being discovered that fundamentally changes this image of the Norse seafarers, with fortresses discovered in Denmark suggesting that there was far more to the Vikings than many have…

2017.08.17 | History and archaeology

Archaeologists finally know how old Denmark’s fifth Viking fortress is

A piece of well-preserved oak found close to the “Borgring” Viking fortress has provided a precise date for its earliest possible construction.

2017.08.17 | History and archaeology, Nature and technology

Antwerpen en Brussel één tot twee eeuwen ouder dan verwacht

Antwerpen en Brussel zijn mogelijk in één klap één tot twee eeuwen ouder geworden. Microscopisch onderzoek naar de zwarte laag van de steden heeft in ieder geval aangetoond dat Antwerpen al menselijke activiteit kende voor het jaar 900. In Brussel werden sporen van landbouw en veeteelt gevonden die dateren van voor de dertiende eeuw.

2017.08.16 | History and archaeology

Roman Change: Ancient Coins Reveal Rise of an Empire

Rome wasn't born big. Back before it blossomed into an empire that sprawled across 2.2 million square miles (5.7 million square kilometers), twice the size of modern-day Argentina, Rome was an up-and-coming force threatened by a formidable city-state: Carthage.

2017.08.16 | History and archaeology

Thousand-year-old Viking fortress reveals a technologically advanced society

When archaeologists uncovered four ancient ring-shaped fortresses in Denmark in the 1930s, the find profoundly changed the way they thought about the Vikings that built them. Rather than mindless marauders, Vikings in the Middle Ages must have been a complex, technologically advanced people to build these fortifications. Now, Danish archaeologists…

2017.08.15 | History and archaeology

The Newsroom

Radio broadcast on the BBC World Service on a coin find, co-authored by Assistant Professor Thomas Birch. Starts at 18:30.

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