2017.09.19 | Publication, History and archaeology

‘You can leave your hat on.’ Priestly representations from Palmyra: Between visual genre, religious importance and social status

New publication by Professor Rubina Raja.

2017.09.15 | Publication, History and archaeology

Contextualizing the Sacred in the Hellenistic and Roman Near East: Religious Identities in Local, Regional, and Imperial Settings

New publication by Professor Rubina Raja.

2017.09.13 | History and archaeology

Skeleton ignites debate over whether women were viking warriors

DNA analysis of bones buried with full battle gear identified as female

2017.09.13 | Publication, History and archaeology

Antiochos I. von Kommagene und sein Grabmal auf dem Nemrud Dağı: Zu den Ergebnissen des International Nemrud Dağı Project

New publication by Assistant Professor Michael Blömer.

2017.09.12 | Media coverage, History and archaeology

Arkæologer om kvindelig vikingekriger: Slå koldt vand i blodet!

Historien om, at forskere har fundet DNA fra en kvinde i en vikingekrigergrav, har trukket overskrifter i hele verden. Måske lidt forhastet, mener flere arkæologer.

A Roman seal impression with Iuppiter Dolichenus shaking hand with a Roman emperor after its discovery (Photo: Peter Jülich).
Cleaning of a mosaic floor in a Roman bath complex (Photo: Peter Jülich).
Clearing a Hellenistic wall in a test trench (Photo: Peter Jülich).
Entering the cistern which belongs to an Ealy byzantine residential complex (Photo: Forschungsstelle Asia Minor).
Removing the soil above an early Byzantine mosaic (Photo: Peter Jülich).
The floor of the cistern is covered with pottery and fallen down hydraulic mortar (Photo: Forschungsstelle Asia Minor).

2017.09.11 | History and archaeology

From the Trenches: Excavating Doliche

Field report by Assistant Professor Michael Blömer.

(pictures by Kirstine Haase)

2017.09.08 | Conference, History and archaeology

UrbNet at the EAA 2017: The 23rd Annual Conference of the European Association of Archaeologist in Maastricht

From 30 August to 3 September 2017, the 23rd Annual Conference of the European Association of Archaeologist was held in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

2017.09.08 | History and archaeology, Nature and technology, People

Introduction of Mikkel Fristrup Schou

New scientific employee at UrbNet.

2017.09.06 | History and archaeology, Nature and technology

Introduction of Pernille Trant

New PhD student at UrbNet (project: Northern Emporium).

2017.09.05 | History and archaeology

Introduction of Mahir Hrnjic

New PhD student at UrbNet.

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