2018.03.23 | Religion and theology, Publication

Religion in the making: The Lived Ancient Religion approach

New publication by Janico Albrecht, Christopher Degelmann, Valentino Gasparini, Richard Gordon, Maik Patzelt, Georgia Petridou, Rubina Raja, Anna-Katharina Rieger, Jörg Rüpke, Benjamin Sippel, Emiliano Rubens Urciuoli and Lara Weiss.

2018.03.22 | History and archaeology

The Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project in 'Bild der Wissenschaft'

New German science magazine out now.

Photo: Michael Blömer.
Photo: Michael Blömer.
Photo: Michael Blömer.

2018.03.21 | History and archaeology, Course

Successful spring school in Rome

During the past week the Spring School on Urban Religion was held in Rome. Written by Michael Blömer, Nikoline Sauer Petersen and Line Egelund Hejlskov.

2018.03.13 | History and archaeology, Publication

Representations of women and children in Palmyrene banqueting reliefs and sarcophagus scenes

New publication by Professor and Centre director Rubina Raja and Assistant professor Signe Krag.

2018.03.09 | Publication

Jagten på antikkens bindemidler

New publication by Assistant Professor Luise Ø. Brandt.

2018.03.09 | Publication

Kæm, kam!

New publication by Professor MSO Søren M. Sindbæk and Lisbeth M. Imer.

2018.03.09 | Publication

Reservoir effects in a Stone Age fjord on Lolland, Denmark

New publication by Postdoc Bente Phillipsen.

2018.03.06 | History and archaeology

Summary of the workshop "Production Economy in Roman Greater Syria: Trade and networks"

By PhD student Julia Steding and Research Assistant Rikke R. Thomsen.

2018.03.06 | People , History and archaeology

Introduction of Maja Malmdorf Andersen

New member of administrative staff.

2018.03.02 | History and archaeology, Research news

Successful first International Spring School

During the past week The International Spring School on The Ancient City was held in Paris.

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