2017.02.08 | Calls, History and archaeology

Call for Student Assistant

Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet) is looking for a new student assistant to help with processing of excavation data and preparations for the 18th Viking Congress.

2017.02.07 | History and archaeology

Northern Emporium: The Archaeology of Network Urbanism in Ribe

New project website (project director: Professor MSO Søren M. Sindbæk).

2017.02.06 | Calls, History and archaeology

Call: Assistant Professorships in the Archaeology of Urban Networks and Exchange

The Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet), School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University, invites applications for one or two assistant professorships, focusing on core themes within the centre’s agenda for research on urban societies in the past.

2017.02.06 | Publication, History and archaeology

Palmyra: Pearl of the Desert

A collection of papers on Palmyra, edited by Rubina Raja.

2017.02.05 | History and archaeology

Moderne metoder revolutionerer arkæologien – og giver liv til et gammelt vikingehus i Aarhus

Ved hjælp af bittesmå prøver fra genstande, der måske før blev anset for at være nærmest værdiløse, kan forskerne nu finde ud af, hvornår byer opstod, hvad mennesker spiste, og hvor syge de blev.

2017.01.31 | Lecture/talk, History and archaeology

Urban Network Evolutions

UrbNet lecture series at the Danish Institute in Athens 2017.

2017.01.19 | Media coverage, History and archaeology

Zeus-statuen ved Olympia

P1 Eftermiddag interview with PhD student Kristine Thomsen (starts at 15:02).

2017.01.12 | Conference, History and archaeology

Archaeological Institute of America – 118th Annual Meeting

By PhD student Sara Ringsborg.

2017.01.09 | History and archaeology

Research stay at UrbNet 2016

by former Visiting PhD student Lina Diers (Universität Wien).

Woman with two children (Copyright: Palmyra Portrait Project, Ingholt Archive, PS 374).

2017.01.06 | Publication, History and archaeology

Representations of women and children in Palmyrene funerary loculus reliefs, loculus stelae and wall paintings

New publication by Signe Krag and Rubina Raja.

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