2018.02.07 | History and archaeology, People

Introduction of Mie Egelund Lind

New assistant centre administrator at UrbNet.

2018.02.05 | History and archaeology, Research news

Magical Amulet from Gerasa incorporated into International Online Corpus

A very special find from excavations in Gerasa, modern-day Jerash in Jordan, has been incorporated into The Campbell Bonner Magical Gems Database.

2018.02.04 | History and archaeology, Media coverage

Matematikere kommer vikingehistorikere til hjælp

Netværksanalyse af en gammel tekst om et berømt slag i 1014 giver ny indsigt om afslutningen af vikingernes herredømme i Irland.

2018.02.03 | History and archaeology, Media coverage

English mass grave contains remains of Viking Great Army

Archaeologists are now certain that the 264 bodies buried in the English town of Repton were Vikings. A curious mystery has finally been solved.

2018.02.02 | History and archaeology, Media coverage

Massegrav fyldt med vikinger fra vores første invasion af England

Nu ved vi, at 264 vikinger fra Den Store Vikingehær ligger begravet i den engelske by Repton. En besynderlig historie har langt om længe fået sit punktum.

2018.02.02 | History and archaeology, People

Introduction of Nikoline Sauer Petersen

New PhD student in the project Excavation of Julius Caesar’s Forum in Rome.

Northwest Quarter, Jerash, Jordan (Photo: Rubina Raja).

2018.02.01 | Awards, History and archaeology

Rubina Raja appointed Kershaw Lecturer 2018/2019

The distinction is awarded by the Archaeological Institute of America.

2018.01.30 | Publication, History and archaeology


New publication by Richard Gordon (Universität Erfurt), Achim Lichtenberger (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) and Rubina Raja (Aarhus University).

2018.01.25 | History and archaeology, Media coverage

The Vikings were enemy No. 1 for Irish hero Brian Boru, social network study says

A new study suggests the Battle of Clontarf was fought primarily between the Irish and Vikings, rather than between rival Irish factions.

2018.01.19 | History and archaeology, Media coverage

Why Archaeologists Are Excited About a Viking Comb

It's a 1,000-year-old comb simply inscribed with the word "comb," but it may hold clues to the origins of the Viking Age.

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