After a few hours on the wet sieve (Photo: Alix Thoeming).

2017.08.24 | History and archaeology

Research stay at UrbNet 2017

by former Visiting PhD student Alix Thoeming (University of Sydney).

2017.08.22 | History and archaeology

Udlandet opdager dansk vikingeborg

»Incredible« og »impressive«: Vikingeborgen Borgring syd for Køge er blevet berømt i udlandet.

2017.08.22 | History and archaeology

A Roman mining tool: the investigation and identification of an iron object

New publication by Tom Birch.

2017.08.22 | History and archaeology

Abandoned or unused? Ultra-high carbon steel and cast iron lumps from Semlach/Eisner

New publication by Tom Birch.

2017.08.22 | History and archaeology

Det ældste København

New publication by Hanna Dahlström, Bjørn Poulsen & Jesper Olsen.

2017.08.21 | History and archaeology

Borgring: 1000-year-old Viking fortress uncovered in Denmark

It is the fifth Viking castle to be discovered in the country since the 1930s.

2017.08.20 | History and archaeology

Zeus-statuen var 7. vidunder og et stærkt politisk billede

Guld, elfenben, ædelsten og ibenholt, der blev ikke sparet på noget, da man skulle hylde grækernes største gud med en statue. Men Zeusstatuen var også et stærkt politisk billede, som skulle vise bystaten Elis’ og Olympias position udadtil.

2017.08.18 | History and archaeology

1,000-Year-Old Stump of Wood May Hold the Key to Viking Fortress Secrets

Danish archeologists have uncovered a technologically advanced fortress from the late 10th century—the first one discovered in more than six decades.

2017.08.18 | History and archaeology

Professorship in Urban Archaeology (W2, 100 %, permanent)

Position advertised at one of UrbNet's partner institutions.

2017.08.17 | History and archaeology

Incredible Viking Ring Fortress Discovered In Denmark

We tend to think of the Vikings as a transient culture, riding the high seas, pillaging villages, and then making off with the spoils. Yet more and more evidence is being discovered that fundamentally changes this image of the Norse seafarers, with fortresses discovered in Denmark suggesting that there was far more to the Vikings than many have…

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