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Interpreting Central Asia settlement patterns

Speaker: Dr. Sebastian Stride (SIRIS Academic S.L.).

2019.07.02 | Christina Levisen

Date Tue 10 Sep
Time 16:00 17:00
Location UrbNet, Moesgård Allé 20, 4230, 2nd floor, 9270 Højbjerg


Central Asia is at the heart of the old world and in the middle of nowhere - an echoing hall of Eurasian history. As such, it is a fascinating place to explore the way historical interpretations change depending on the prism you observe them through and the degree to which you zoom in or out from any given site.

In my talk, I will discuss the long-term evolution of the settlement pattern of the Surkhan Darya region (southern Uzbekistan). I will notably explore how the oscillations between periods of urban and nomadic predominance can be interpreted in a myriad of different ways, depending on the weight you give to factors such as trade, the environment, identity, society … and how these interpretations change again as your perspective shifts from Athens to Xian, from Moscow to Delhi, from Karakorum to Persepolis… or simply from Denau to Termez.

Lecture/talk, History and archaeology