Introduction of Graham Adrian Hagen-Peter

UrbNet-affiliated Postdoc based at AGiR.

2018.05.17 | Mie Lind

​I am originally from Vermont in the U.S. I earned a B.S. in geology from the University Vermont in 2010 and a PhD in geosciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2015. Much of my research thus far has focused on understanding how Earth's continents form and chemically differentiate through magmatism and metamorphism. This research has taken me to many wonderful places around the world, including Antarctica, New Zealand, and Mongolia. I have been a post-doc in the Earth System Petrology group and AGiR since July, 2016. Much of my work utilizes geochemical and isotopic tools to study Earth processes, and I've learned during my time in Aarhus that there is a lot of overlap between analytical geochemistry and archaeometry. Many of the analytical methods commonly employed by geochemists, e.g., microanalyses of trace elements and isotopes by laser ablation mass spectrometry, are also being successfully applied to archaeological artifacts, and there are exciting opportunities for new developments. I look forward to working with UrbNet and AGiR on the forefront of new developments in archaeometry.

History and archaeology, People