Introduction of Luise Ørsted Brandt

New Assistant professor at UrbNet.

2016.03.02 | Christina Levisen

I am trained in Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Copenhagen and wrote my MA and PhD in a collaboration between the Danish National Research Foundations Centre for Textile Research and Centre for GeoGenetics. My research has been interdisciplinary, focusing on the analysis of DNA and proteins from archaeological textiles and skins. I am particularly interested in how the natural sciences can be applied to archaeological questions.

In November 2015 I received the Carlsberg Foundations Postdoc Fellowship for the project: Fur and skin trade in Viking and medieval Denmark – A biomolecular investigation of archaeological fur, skin, and leather from Denmark and its contribution to the understanding of the Viking and Medieval fur and skin trade.

With additional funding from Centre for Urban Network Evolutions I will be employed as assistant professor at the centre from 2016-2019.

In my project I will species identify Danish skin and fur materials preserved on the backside of Viking tortoise brooches and from early towns and contribute to UrbNets research focus by investigating long distance trade and the development of social and cultural values in the earliest Danish towns.

People , History and archaeology