Introduction of Pernille Trant

New PhD student at UrbNet (project: Northern Emporium).

2017.09.06 | Christina Levisen

In June, I finished my master in geology from Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University. During my bachelor project and master thesis, I worked with annual variations in solar variability during Grand Solar Minima based on radiocarbon dating of tree rings at the Aarhus AMS Centre. Besides the main projects, I have mainly worked with geochemistry and climate during my degree.

I have just started my PhD on geoarchaeology with the working title ”Geoarchaeology of the early northern cities: Microscopic and geochemical investigations of urban spaces in Denmark”. The PhD project is part of the Northern Emporium project, which investigates the archaeology of network urbanism in Viking-age Ribe. My contribution to Northern Emporium will be to the geochemical part of the project. My supervisors are Associate Professor Søren M. Kristiansen from Dept. of Geoscience and Professor Søren M. Sindbæk from UrbNet, School of Culture and Society.

History and archaeology, Nature and technology