Introduction of Thomas Schrøder Daugbjerg

New UrbNet PhD student (based at the Aarhus AMS Centre, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy).

2018.05.17 | Christina Levisen

I am employed at Aarhus AMS centre and UrbNet. My background includes experimental physics, geosciences and software development. Further, I enjoy life, kayaking and living with my girlfriend Charlotte. In the project, I work on mortar dating, a method for establishing the chronology for mortared stone construction. My work includes sample characterization, aiming to evaluate the feasibility of dating a given mortar sample. The project also addresses extraction methods for capturing the archeological carbon in mortars. Mortar samples from Jerash have previously proven a challenge to date. In dealing with these mortars, the project aims to improve and develop the method of mortar dating. In doing so, improved chronologies will be constructed for the Jerash site.

History and archaeology, People