Urban Metals in Context

The production, consumption and exchange of metals continue to define part of the archaeological make-up of urban places. Thomas Birch is collaborating with UrbNet projects and researchers to study metallurgical remains and ‘connected materials’ from different urban contexts. The different research projects will address how raw metals were sourced and sometimes transformed in urban contexts as well as how artefacts were produced and moved to (and from) such places.

Thomas Birch has recently started studying the metalworking remains from Viking Ribe as well as reviewing the metal artefacts from the Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project. He also continues to work on the metallurgy remains from Iceland during the period of settlement. By analysing the technology and origin(s) of lead, copper alloy, iron or precious metal artefacts, the combined research projects aim to further understand how polymetallic industries and remains help characterise urban sites.

Investigator: Assistant professor Thomas Birch