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2015.07.22 | History and archaeology

The Church and Monetization in Early Medieval Denmark, c. 1060-1160

Book chapter by Professor Bjørn Poulsen.

2015.07.21 | History and archaeology

Palmyras minder

Med Islamisk Stats indtog i Palmyra er Syriens kulturarv blevet en integreret del af krigen og en scene for politisk propaganda. Vesten frygter for de romerske ruiner, men også andre former for erindring er på spil. Af Lektor Sune Haugbølle, RUC, og Professor Rubina Raja, AU.

2015.07.16 | Research

Field campaign in Jordan

The 2015 field campaign in ”The Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project” will take place 19 July-31 August. Around 50 people from Denmark, Germany and Jordan will participate in the excavation project.

2015.07.10 | Publication

An architectural block with altar-iconography from the North-west Quarter of Jerash

This article considers a monumental architectural limestone block with altar-iconography that was found during the 2012 campaign of the Danish–German North-west Quarter project. The project, which began in 2011, has mapped the highest area within the walled city, the so-called North-west Quarter, which had hitherto remained largely unexplored.

2015.07.04 | Media coverage

Illegal trade of art from the Syrian desert

Professor Rubina Raja monitors the illegal art market. Radio interview (in Danish). Starts at 21:10.

A small earthenware jug flabbergasted the archaeologists. Nothing like it has ever been found in Denmark - and the fact that it's completely intact is sensational (Photo: Southwest Jutland Museums),

2015.07.02 | History and archaeology

Ancient urn hints at global trade network

Ancient urn hints at global trade network. A unique find has appeared in excavations in Ribe, conducted as part of the collaborations between UrbNet and the Museum of Southwest Jutland on the exploration of Denmark's oldest town.

2015.07.02 | Publication

Center leader Rubina Raja founds new Cambridge University Press book series: Mediterranean Studies in Antiquity

Book series, which considers the Mediterranean in a multi-theoretical framework. The new book series is an initiative under UrbNet.