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Schematic drawing of the bloomery process in a shaft furnace of the Loděnice type (Pleiner 1958, Obr. 44).

2017.05.29 | Conference, History and archaeology

Iron in Archaeology Conference in Praha

UrbNet represented at the conference "Iron in Archaeology".

Photo: Rubina Raja.

2017.05.29 | Meeting, History and archaeology

PhD Meeting “How do we get our research out there?”

By PhD students Hanna Dahlström, Olav Gundersen and Kirstine Haase.

2017.05.23 | Course, History and archaeology

PhD course Isotopes in Archaeology

The PhD course 'Isotopes in Archaeology' took place over two days in May at AU Campus Moesgård and was hosted by Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet).

2017.05.14 | History and archaeology

Odenses historie skal skrives om

TV interview (TV2 Fyn) with Kirstine Haase.

2017.05.11 | History and archaeology

Visit to British Museum

By PhD student Sara Ringsborg and PhD student Julia Steding.

2017.05.09 | History and archaeology, Lecture/talk

A new Macedonia? Redefining urban development in Hellenistic North Syria

Lecture by Assistant Professor Michael Blömer (UrbNet lecture series at The Danish Institute in Athens 2/6).

2017.05.08 | Media coverage, History and archaeology

Colouring in the past

The old sculptures in museums have lost their original colour, but chemistry can help us discover how they used to look.

2017.05.04 | History and archaeology

Money, Money, Money – Production and value of Palmyrene portraits

Summary of lecture by Julia Steding, written by student Jesper V. Jensen.

Temple of Zeus.

2017.05.03 | History and archaeology, Publication

Zeus Olympios, Hadrian and the Jews of Antiochia-on-the-Chrysorrhoas-formerly-called-Gerasa

New publication by Rubina Raja.