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2018.06.29 | Publication, History and archaeology

Geochemistry of Byzantine and Early Islamic glass from Jerash, Jordan: Typology, recycling, and provenance

New publication by Assistant professor Gry Hoffmann Barfod, Ian C. Freestone, Achim Lichtenberger, Professor Rubina Raja & Holger Schwarzer.

Ephesus, Terrace house 2, residential unit.
Photo: Chris Dickenson.

2018.06.27 | History and archaeology, Course

Houses in an Urban Context – High Definition Approaches

PhD course organised by Assistant professor Michael Blömer (UrbNet, Aarhus University) & Assistant professor Chris Dickenson (UrbNet, Aarhus University).

Nathalia B. Kristensen.

2018.06.15 | History and archaeology, People

Introduction of Nathalia B. Kristensen

New Research assistant in the Palmyra Portrait Project.

Photo: Rubina Raja
Photo: Rubina Raja
Photo: Rubina Raja
Photo: Julie T. Raunstrup
Photo: Julie T. Raunstrup

2018.06.14 | History and archaeology

UrbNet excursion to Ribe, 13 June 2018

incl. a visit to the Northern Emporium excavation, directed by Professor MSO and Deputy director Søren M. Sindbæk.

Photo: Carlsberg Foundation.

2018.06.14 | History and archaeology, Lecture/talk

24 Spørgsmål til Professoren: Rubina Raja og Lone Frank

Når du kender din fortid, kan du forstå din nutid og forme din fremtid. En samtale med professor i klassisk arkæologi Rubina Raja om hendes forskning og vigtigheden af en bred forståelse af vores historie og kulturarv.

2018.06.11 | History and archaeology, Lecture/talk

UrbNet and the Palmyra Portrait Project at "Folkemødet 2018".

This year, UrbNet and the Palmyra Portrait Project (PPP) will be represented at “Folkemødet 2018”, an annual event which is organized by “Foreningen Folkemødet”. The purpose of the event is to celebrate democracy and community. This time, “Folkemødet” will be held in Allinge on the island of Bornholm. UrbNet and the PPP are represented by…

2018.06.08 | History and archaeology, Media coverage

Archeological high technology maps hidden ancient societies

Head of center Rubina Raja, from the Center for Urban Network Development (UrbNet), in collaboration with colleagues from the Danish-German research team Northwest Quarter Project, has reconstructed ancient society using aerial photos and 3D scans.

2018.06.07 | Lecture/talk, History and archaeology

Urbanising the desert and knowing the world - The case of Palmyra in Syria

Talk by Professor Rubina Raja at the Women's Informal Network (WIN).

2018.06.07 | History and archaeology, People

Introduction of Maura Heyn (University of North Carolina - Greensboro)

Visiting Professor in the Palmyra Portrait Project and UrbNet, 1 June-31 July 2018.