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2019.01.14 | History and archaeology, People

Introduction of Sebastian Whybrew

New visiting PhD student at UrbNet.

2019.01.08 | Publication

Review of: R. Burns, Origins of the colonnaded Streets in the Cities of the Roman East (Oxford 2017)

New publication by Professor and Centre director Rubina Raja.

2019.01.04 | History and archaeology

Disse historier hittede mest i 2018

Runefund fra Ribe (projekt: Northern Emporium) var blandt de mest læste nyheder fra Carlsbergfondet i 2018.

2019.01.03 | History and archaeology

The Borgring Project 2016–2018

New publication by Professor Søren M. Sindbæk and colleagues.

2019.01.03 | History and archaeology

Silver, butter, cloth: Monetary and social economies in the Viking age

New edited book by Professor Søren M. Sindbæk and colleagues.

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