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2020.06.03 | Media coverage, History and archaeology

Tag med på en rejse tilbage til Romerriget i podcastserien ’Cæsars Forum’

Her kan du høre professor Rubina Raja fortælle om sin bevilling på 10 millioner kroner fra Aarhus Universitets Forskningsfond, som har gjort det muligt at fuldføre et arkæologisk drømmeprojekt – udgravningen af Cæsars Forum i det centrale Rom.

Fig. 1. Ragnar Saage’s PhD thesis adorned with a replica of a 14th-century belt from Siksälä burial site, showing Estonian metalworking traditions.
Fig. 2. Former Assistant professor Thomas Birch (left) acting as opponent for Ragnar Saage’s (centre) PhD thesis, overseen by Professor Valter Lang (right), Head of Archaeology at Tartu University.
Fig. 3. Smithies at Käku. A, supposed anvil stump location; T, water tank; grey rectangles, forge bases; dashed lines, missing parts of a wall/forge; arrows, supposed doorsills; diagonal hatching, areas not yet excavated (after Peets et al. 2013; Saage et al. 2015).

2020.06.03 | History and archaeology

The urban melting pot of tradition and innovation

On 11 March, former Assistant professor Thomas Birch acted as opponent for Ragnar Saage’s PhD defence (successfully awarded) at Tartu University in Estonia. What he discovered was that urban metallurgy can play an important and dynamic role in the development of communities, technologies and towns, as aptly demonstrated for the founding of Tallinn…

2020.05.30 | History and archaeology

Oplev de antikke græske og romerske byer på gratis online-læreplatform og YouTube

Kom med til antikkens byer ved Middelhavet uden at forlade dit hjem. Nyt online-kursus tager dig med på en rejse gennem byudvikling i antikken.

2020.05.29 | Publication

Antique statuary and urban identity in Roman Greece

New publication by Assistant professor Christopher Dickenson.

2020.05.29 | Publication

Non-destructive identification of surface enrichment and trace element fractionation in ancient silver coins

New publication by PhD student Mahir Hrnjic, former Postdoc Graham Adrian Hagen-Peter, former Assistant professor Thomas Birch, Assistant professor Gry Barfod, Professor Søren Sindbæk and Professor Charles Lecher.

2020.05.29 | PhD defence

PhD degree awarded

Congratulations, Olav!

2020.05.27 | Research, History and archaeology

Archive Archaeology: Preserving and Sharing Palmyra’s Cultural Heritage through Harald Ingholt’s Digital Archives

By Professor Rubina Raja and Research assistant Olympia Bobou.

Fig. 1. The land wall of Constantinople proved crucial for the survival of the Byzantine capital from its construction under Theodosius II (r. 408–450 CE) to the mid-15th century CE (photo: Emanuele E. Intagliata).
Fig. 2. Cover of the book.

2020.05.22 | Research news, Publication, History and archaeology

Approaching late antique city walls with an empire-wide perspective

Assistant professor Emanuele E. Intagliata discusses ancient urban fortifications and introduces a new edited book.

Fig. 1. Roman amphorae in a shop next to the House of Neptun and Amphitrite in Herculanum (credit: Paulina Komar).

2020.05.22 | Research news, History and archaeology

Simulating the Roman economy: amphora distribution and transport costs

Associate professor Tom Brughmans is a collaborator on a new project on simulating the Roman economy and studying distributions of Roman amphorae in Italy. The project is directed by Dr. Paulina Komar of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, and it is funded by a SONATA grant from the Polish National Science Centre.

2020.05.20 | Conference

Contextualising the earthquake of 749 CE - From high definition archaeology to global history

Conference in Copenhagen 23-34 November 2020. Organised by Achim Lichtenberger (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) and Rubina Raja (Centre for Urban Network Evolutions - Aarhus University).

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