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2020.05.18 | Research news, History and archaeology

Soil sampling – when size matters!

Include soil geochemistry when excavating. This can help detangle details that might be invisible on site and hidden in the excavated soils. In this study, PhD Student Pernille L. K. Trant demonstrates why the chosen sampling grid size actually does matter for the result and the archaeological interpretations.

2020.05.14 | Publication

Updates on Brepols Publishers’ latest publications on the Ancient Near East

New publications in the UrbNet-related book series “Studies in Classical Archaeology” and “Contextualizing the Sacred: Sacred Space and its Material Culture in the Ancient Near East and Egypt”.

2020.05.13 | Publication, History and archaeology

Review of: R. Raja & S. M. Sindbæk (eds), Urban Network Evolutions. Towards a High-Definition Archaeology (Aarhus: Aarhus Universty Press)

Review in Bryn Mawr Classical Review by Matthew Selheimer (University of Leicester).

2020.05.12 | Publication, History and archaeology

Preliminary report of the ‘Forgotten Borderlands’ project in Guria and Adjara. Several remarks on the result of the structural survey at Tsikhisdziri

New publication by Assistant professor Emanuele Intagliata and colleagues.

2020.05.12 | Publication, History and archaeology

Approaching late-antique city walls with an Empire-wide perspective

New publication by Assistant professor Emanuele Intagliata and colleagues.

Fig. 1. The birthday of Rome celebrated annually with historical re-enactments at the Circus Maximus in Rome (credit: Andrea Ranalli / Southcreek Global).

2020.05.06 | Research news, History and archaeology

The Memory of Early Rome

Is the power of memory underestimated in archaeological readings of the past? On the occasion of Rome’s 2,773rd birthday, PhD Student Nikoline Sauer considers cultural and collective memory and its impact on the archaeological studies of early Rome.

2020.05.05 | Media coverage, History and archaeology

3D-model af Hairans grav i Palmyra offentliggjort

Forskere fra Palmyra Portrait Project har uploadet en 3D-model af den såkaldte Hairans grav. Modellen er udgivet som Open Data for at imødekomme en stigende forpligtelse til at dele data inden for humanistisk forskning.

2020.05.04 | History and archaeology

The documentary 'Almost Human' available for free through the Carlsberg Foundation

Through the eyes of 10 scientists – among others Professor Rubina Raja – the artistic documentary ‘Almost Human’ from 2019 dives into human history and the challenges that humans face in a rapidly changing world.

2020.05.01 | Grants

Historical Metallurgy Society Grant

The HMS Grant is received by Assistant Professor Thomas Birch.

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