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2021.01.06 | History and archaeology

The Caesar’s Forum Project at the Archaeological Institute of America’s Annual Meeting

With the colloquium session "Caesar’s Forum: The Urban Histories of Central Rome", the Caesar’s Forum Project presented the newest results from the excavations as well as from the associated individual research projects to a world-wide audience at the virtual AIA 2021 Annual Meeting.

2021.01.06 | History and archaeology

Archive Archaeology at the Archaeological Institute of America's Annual Meeting

Archive Archeology: Preserving And Sharing Palmyra’s Cultural Heritage through Harald Ingholt’s Digital Archives kicked off 2021 by participating in the AIA’s Annual Meeting. The project was presented to colleagues world-wide as part of the virtual conference.

2021.01.05 | Publication, History and archaeology

Metal Finds and Coins. Final Publications from the Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project II

New publication by Professor Achim Lichtenberger (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) and Professor and Centre Director Rubina Raja (Aarhus University).

2021.01.04 | History and archaeology

UrbNet Newsletter - January 2021

See UrbNet's latest newsletter here.

2020.12.28 | History and archaeology, Events

Urban resilience in the ancient world: methodological approaches and reconsiderations. Cases from the Late Antique and early Islamic Near East.

PhD course organised by UrbNet, Centre for Urban Network Evolutions.

2020.12.28 | History and archaeology, Events

Reuse practices in Roman period and Late Antique cities. Current perspectives and new approaches

PhD course organised by UrbNet, Centre for Urban Network Evolutions.

2020.12.18 | History and archaeology

Holiday Greetings – in a socially distanced world

Happy Holidays from Centre for Urban Network Evolutions.

2020.12.17 | History and archaeology, Publication

Glorværdige genealogier i Senrepublikkens Rom

New publication by Sine G. Saxkjær.

2020.12.15 | Media coverage

Nyt værk om 7 års dansk-tyske feltstudier i oldtidsbyen Gerasa

Første bind af et nyt storværk om de dansk-tyske udgravninger i den antikke by Gerasa er netop udkommet. Værket dokumenterer arkæologiske feltstudier foretaget fra 2011 til 2017. Dele af det store udgravningsprojekt har været støttet af Carlsbergfondet.

2020.12.14 | History and archaeology

The Archaeology and Afterlives of Palmyrene Sculpture

By Postdoc Amy C. Miranda.

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