2017.10.25 | History and archaeology, Course

International Spring School in Paris „The Ancient City“

25 February-3 March 2018, within the framework of the ERASMUS+ project "Ancient Cities".

2017.10.25 | History and archaeology, Media coverage

Program for besøg i Rom

Den 26.-29. oktober 2017 besøger H.M. Dronningen Rom, Italien, i forbindelse med fejringen af Det Danske Instituts 50-års jubilæum.

2017.10.24 | History and archaeology, Meeting, Grants

Ancient Cities – EU grant for digital learning platform

Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet) and Aarhus University partner other European institutions in large-scale ERASMUS+ initiative focusing on online learning.

2017.10.23 | History and archaeology, Publication

Medieval markets: a soil micromorphological and archaeobotanical study of the urban stratigraphy of Lier (Belgium)

New article by Postdoc Barbara Wouters et al.

2017.10.23 | History and archaeology, Publication

Environmental evidence from early urban Antwerp: New data from archaeology, micromorphology, macrofauna and insect remains

New article by Postdoc Barbora Wouters et al.

2017.10.17 | History and archaeology, Media coverage

This tiny ornament may have belonged to Harold Bluetooth’s shaman

The small piece of silver was found at a Viking fortress in Køge, Denmark.

2017.10.12 | History and archaeology

Summary of the conference Production Economy, 5 October 2017

By PhD student Julia Steding and Research Assistant Christian Svejgård L. Jørgensen.

2017.10.11 | People , History and archaeology

Introduction of Christopher Dickenson

New Assistant Professor at UrbNet.

2017.10.04 | History and archaeology, People

Introduction of Sam Nixon (University of East Anglia)

UrbNet visiting researcher in October 2017.

2017.10.04 | History and archaeology

Summary of the conference “Revisiting the Religious Life of Palmyra“

By PhD student Sara Ringsborg and scientific employee Christian Svejgård Lunde Jørgensen.

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