2018.01.17 | History and archaeology

Mysterious 'missing' runic inscriptions engraved into an ancient comb and plate 1,200 years ago could shed light on the language of early Vikings

The comb was discovered during excavations of a Viking Age market place. It was discovered in Ribe and has an inscription of the runic word for 'comb'. The plate, made of bone or antler, may have been inscribed with a name: Tobi Few runic texts from this period exist, when a new alphabet began to be used.

2018.01.16 | History and archaeology


Two rare artifacts inscribed with ancient letters, or runes, could be the key to a mysterious era of Viking history when they suddenly abandoned their old alphabet and transitioned to a new one.

2018.01.15 | History and archaeology

Found: A Viking Comb That Says ‘Comb’

It is helping researchers understand runic inscriptions, so maybe we should all start labeling our stuff.

2018.01.15 | History and archaeology

Ancient objects with rare Viking rune inscriptions discovered in Denmark

Runic inscriptions shed light on a key period of the early Viking age.

2018.01.15 | History and archaeology

Unique Viking runes discovered in Denmark

“These are the runes we’ve been missing,” says archaeologist.

2018.01.12 | History and archaeology, Workshop

Summary of the DGJNWQP specialist workshop, held at UrbNet 12 October 2017

Workshop in the framework of the Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project.

Photo: Carlsberg Academy.

2018.01.09 | Lecture/talk, History and archaeology

Conference on Humanities research, 10 January 2018

Professor Rubina Raja invited to speak about important concepts from her research field.

2018.01.09 | Publication

Tarquinia and the north: Considerations on some archaeological evidence of the 9th-3rd century BC

New publication by PhD student Nora M. Petersen and colleagues.

2018.01.08 | History and archaeology

Kam fundet i Ribe med unikke runer

Fund af kam fordobler antallet af runer fra magtcentrum i den tidlige vikingetid

2018.01.06 | History and archaeology

Unikke runer fra Vikingetiden fundet på en kam i Ribe

»Det her er de runer, vi har manglet.«

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