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Workshop: The Forum of Julius Caesar in Rome

Organised by PhD students Line Egelund, Nora Margherita Petersen and Nikoline Sauer

Note: This event is open to invited participants only

Date4 June 2019
VenueCentre for Urban Network Evolutions, Aarhus University, Moesgård Allé 20, 8270 Højbjerg, 4230-232


The one-day workshop is evolving around the three PhD projects embedded in the new excavation project of Julius Caesarʹs Forum in Rome, which is a collaboration between the Danish Institute in Rome, the Roman Municipal Department of Antiquities (Soprintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali), and Centre of Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet). While the directors and senior researchers of the project will give introductory talks, presentations by the PhD students will constitute the basis for the workshop. These presentations will be followed by discussions with a number of experts, who have and are working on the urban development of Rome in different time periods. The scope of the workshop is limited mainly to the area of the Forum of Julius Caesar in Rome; however with a diachronic and holistic perspective on this area. The projects of the PhD students connected to the excavation cover three different periods, but they all evolve around material from the area of the Caesarʹs Forum in Rome.  

The three PhD projects and presentations will cover the following themes: 

  • Nora Margherita Petersen: Burying Early Rome. Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age burials from the Forum of Caesar. This project examines the burials from the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age (c. 11th-9th century BC, phase I-IIA) in the Forum of Caesar and in Rome.
  • Nikoline Sauer: The Archaic Period on the Forum of Caesar. The Urbanisation of Early Rome. This project aims to study the urban development in the Forum of Caesar and central Rome from 650 to 480 on the basis of archaeological evidence.
  • Line Egelund Hejlskov: Urban Development in Rome. Space through time. The project focuses on the urban development of Rome through examining Forum Iulium, its use of space and the development hereof in a diachronic perspective, its construction in Late Roman Republic into the Medieval period.

Practical information for invited participants


The project will cover travel (economy class) as well as two nights of accommodation for invited speakers. Please book early to get a reasonably priced flight.

Please make your own travel arrangements to/from Aarhus. After your visit, your travel expenses will be reimbursed. Please note that your flight must be booked directly with an airline (i.e. not via Momondo, Travelocity, or other online booking websites).

To claim back workshop-related travel expenses, please

  1. fill out this travel reimbursement form (please disregard the bottom part - it is for internal use only).
  2. forward the Excel file (no need to sign) and scanned copies of your receipts to Mie E. Lind: melind@cas.au.dk.

Note that it can take a couple of weeks for Aarhus University’s Finance Dept. to process your claim, especially when international transfers are involved.   

NOTE: Once you have booked your trip, please send Mie E. Lind (melind@cas.au.dk) your itinerary, so that the hotel booking can be finalised. Deadline for sending your itinerary: 25 April 2019.   


We have organised initial accommodation at:

Hotel Scandic The Mayour
Banegårdspladsen 14
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Phone: +45 8732 0100

Transport to workshop venue

From the city centre, you can take Bus 18 (see timetable). The closest stop to the hotel is at H. H. Seedorffs Stræde (see route on map), and the bus leaves three times an hour (direction: Moesgård). Enter the bus through the back or the middle door and purchase your ticket at the ticket machine. Get off at the bus stop "Moesgård Museum" (end station) - the ride takes approximately 25 min. From there, it is only a 300 m walk to UrbNet (see map).

Map of AU Campus Moesgaard

Dinner and diet

We will organise a dinner for the invited workshop participants 3 and 4 June, and we will of course cater for you during the workshop. If you have any dietary restrictions (incl. allergies), please let Nikoline Sauer (nsp@cas.au.dk) know 20 May at the latest.