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Consumerism and Consumption in the Late Antique City

Lecture by Visiting Professor Elizabeth Murphy (Florida State University). Lecture 5/5 in the lecture series "Socially Re-Constructing the Late Roman City: Labor, Networks, Economy, and Narratives of Urban 'Decline'".

2020.07.02 | Lasse Rievers Olesen

Date Tue 17 Nov
Time 13:00 14:00
Location Moesgaard Museum, Moesgård Allé 15, 8270 Højbjerg, 4240-301

Entrance to Moesgaard Museum conference rooms.

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Registration deadline: 16 November 12:00.

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The abundance of shops and shopping spaces in Late Antique cities has long been a noted feature of cities in Asia Minor, and investment in new shopping streets and their elaboration through decorative mosaics and statuary attest to the significance of these activities in the city.  Drawing on recent scholarship on Roman consumerism and consumption studies, this lecture will analyze the evidence for Late Antique shops to understand the nature of consumerism in the period. It also draws together the disparate threads of the preceding lectures, suggesting that at least until the mid-sixth century AD, some segments of society were actively reinventing their cities and negotiating their place in them.

NOTE: Lecture postponed to 17 November at Moesgaard Museum, conference room 301.

History and archaeology, Lecture/talk