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Architecture of the Eastern Roman Empire

New literature review written by Professor Rubina Raja

Rubina Raja has written the just published literature review “Architecture of the Eastern Roman Empire” in the Oxford Bibliographies in Architecture, Planning, & Preservation.

In the review Raja discusses overview works that treat architecture in the Roman world in general, thus also being of importance when studying the eastern part of the empire. Also books, articles, edited volumes and journal that delve into different aspects of the theme of architecture in the Eastern Roman Empire are discussed. Raja highlights significant contributions on urbanism, on different types of public monuments and spaces, such as agoras/fora, sanctuaries, theatres and fortifications, on infrastructure and harbours, and on domestic and funerary architecture.

Full reference

Raja, R. 2023. “Architecture of the Eastern Roman Empire”, in Murphy, K. D. (ed.), Oxford Bibliographies in Architecture, Planning, & Preservation. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1093/OBO/9780190922467-0080.