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Geoarcheologia delle stratificazioni urbane post-classiche

New publication by PhD Cristiano Nicosia (Università degli Studi di Padova).

A recently published monograph offers the first, comprehensive synthesis on geoarchaology of urban stratigraphies in medieval settlements. Taking a much debated topic of medieval urban archaeology, this volume sets new standards for investigating dark earths and complex stratigraphies, illustrating both the potential and feasibility of georchaeological approaches to urban contexts.
From late Roman Strasburg to early medieval Florence, the integrated analysis of archaeological sediments add a new dimension to urban archaeology and, in so doing, provides an important resource for UrbNet’s research on urban dynamics. Cristiano Nicosia has been our guest in 2018, giving lectures and contributing to the UrbNet PhD course Geoarchaeology Digest.

Full reference: Nicosia, C. (2018). Geoarcheologia delle stratificazioni urbane post-classiche, Antenor Quaderni, 45 (Roma: Edizioni Quasar).