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Introduction of Eduard Tampu

Visiting sound artist and researcher.

Eduard Tampu is an independent sound artist and researcher based in Helsinki. He is pursuing his studies in the MA Sound in New Media program at Aalto University (FI). He has technical skills in various fields with a main focus on Data Sonification and Interactive Art. 

Some of his recent activities have featured his works at 'Sónar+D’, Barcelona (2023), with a project named ’The Hidden Harmony’: a digital synesthetic system and at the ‘International Conference on AI and Music’, University of Sussex (2023), with the composition ’Noise to Noise’ generated using GANSpaceSynth. At present, he is working on a variety of projects: from sound design (e.g 'The sound memory of the Ruff' by Tiina Majabacka, a production supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation) to the 'ProTon3' project from the 'Quantum Social Lab' at Technische Universität München, that aims to realise a Quantum Audio Synthesiser.

At UrbNet he is going to investigate the possibilities of applying data sonification to the MINERVA project in order to provide alternative data exploration approaches to a newly collected digital dataset. Moreover, the aim is to explore and express the diversity of terrestrial travel and mobility during the Roman Empire in audible and artistic ways.