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Introduction of Eduardo Herrera Malatesta

New Marie Curie postdoc at UrbNet.

Eduardo Herrera Malatesta has done studies in Anthropology at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (BA) and the Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas (MA), in GIS and spatial analysis in Archaeology at the University College London (MSc), and in Archaeology at Leiden University (PhD). In terms of research, he has developed a career focused on landscape and computational archaeology, and specifically on the application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and spatial statistics for the understanding of multiscalar human and environmental relations. During his PhD and postdoc, he studied the indigenous creation and transformation of landscapes in the context of the cultural conflicts resulting from the colonization of the Caribbean.

For his Marie Curie project at Urbnet, he will focus on developing a new framework methodology for landscape archaeology to better assess the inherent uncertainties contain in field data, particularly coming from non-systematic surveys, and its resulting models and visualizations. To tackle this, he will explore, assess and apply a wide range of uncertainty quantification, spatial network analysis and geo-visualization methods to databases coming from the Caribbean, the Amazon and Europe. By quantifying the uncertainty in non-systematic survey datasets and analyses, his project will create a framework for more accurate computational models of past landscapes, improving their reliability and enhancing their interpretative potential.