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Introduction of Ema Bauzyte

New UrbNet PhD student.

Ema Bauzyte completed her Bachelor of Arts in Historical Archaeology at the University of York, where her research focused on landscapes of trauma and memory. Her thesis ‘Collective Memory, Society and a Communist Monumental Space After the Fall of the Regime’ was awarded a prize by the Landscape Research group for original academic research and conceptual sophistication.

Ema then went on to graduate from a European master’s program ARCHMAT obtaining an MSc degree in Archaeological material science. Her main focus was on iron corrosion processes and products as seen on archaeological material excavated in Rome.

Currently Ema is a PhD fellow based at the UrbNet centre in Aarhus working on a project entitled ‘Iron production and networks in the East Africa Swahili Coast’ under supervision of Stephanie Wynne-Jones and Søren Michael Sindbæk. The research will attempt to reconstruct ancient iron extraction and working techniques employed in the antiquity, as well as devise a methodology for tracing the provenance of raw materials used for iron production in the area.