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Introduction of Emanuele E. Intagliata

New UrbNet Assistant Professor.

My research interests lie in the archaeology of frontier areas in the Byzantine Empire from the fourth to the ninth century AD. I obtained my PhD at the University of Edinburgh with a research on the history and archaeology of Palmyra in Late Antiquity and the early Islamic period. This was later turned into a monograph by Oxbow Books (Palmyra after Zenobia (AD 272–750): an archaeological and historical reappraisal). I then moved to Koç Üniversitesi, Istanbul, where I started a postdoctoral project funded by the Turkish Research Council (TÜBITAK) on the frontier defensive system of northeast Anatolia in the sixth century AD. Before moving to UrbNet, I have taught Roman and Byzantine Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. My research at UrbNet aims to illuminate the link between urban transformation and urban networks taking as a case studies cities in eastern Black Sea regions. I am also interested in exploring the level of permeability of the Caucasus to imported goods in the sixth to ninth centuries AD and understand the role that the eastern Black Sea played in the maritime trade of that time.

Selected publications

Intagliata, E. E. 2018. Palmyra after Zenobia (AD 272750): an archaeological and historical reappraisal. Oxford: Oxbow books.

Gnasso, A., Intagliata, E. E., MacMaster, T. J. and Morris, B. N. (eds) 2015. The Long Seventh Century. Continuity and Discontinuity in an Age of Transition. Proceedings of the 2013 Edinburgh Seventh Century Colloquium (University of Edinburgh, 2829 May 2013). Oxford: Peter Lang.

Intagliata, E. E. (in print). ‘Pinpointing unrest at Palmyra in Early Islam. The evidence from coin hoards and written sources’. Études et Travaux.

Intagliata, E. E. (in print). ‘Rome and the Tzani in Late Antiquity. An historical and archaeological review’. Anatolian Studies 69.

Intagliata, E. E. 2018. ‘The unpublished archival material from the Fonds d’Archives Paul Collart, University of Lausanne; remarks on the numismatic record of the Sanctuary of Baalshamin’. Rivista Italiana di Numismatica e Scienze Affini 119, 15–30.

Intagliata, E. E. 2017a. ‘The post-Roman occupation of the northern courtyard of the Sanctuary of Baalshamin in Palmyra; a reassessment of the evidence based on the documents at the Fonds d’Archives Paul Collart, Université de Lausanne’. Zeitschrift für Orient-Archäologie 9, 180–199.

Intagliata, E. E. 2017b. ‘Palmyra and its ramparts during the Tetrarchy’. In Rizos E. (ed.). New cities in Late Antiquity. Documents and Archaeology (Bibliothéque de l’Antiquité Tardive). Turnhout: Brepols, 71–83.