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Introduction of Hanna Dahlström

New UrbNet PhD student.

I am an archaeologist and curator from the Museum of Copenhagen, specialized in the Scandinavian medieval period. My research interests lie within the field of early urban development, social aspects of urbanity and in exploring how living in cities changed people’s lives. I am also interested in the relationship between urban and rural environments in the medieval period. My PhD-project deals with investigating the early urban development in Copenhagen through a view of urbanity as practice. I want to explore the activities, people and networks which have been important in the early development of Copenhagen, and how urban ways of life emerged. The PhD-project is a part of the newly started research and public outreach project “Urbaniseringens møder og mennesker” (People and encounters in urbanization) sponsored by the Velux foundation and with the participation of Museum of Copenhagen, Odense Bys Museer, The Nya Lödöse project in Gothenburg and Urbnet.

I have worked with urban archaeology in Copenhagen since 2008, for a large part of the period as excavation leader for the large-scale Metro Cityring excavation at the Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen). Before I came to Copenhagen I worked for several years as an archaeologist in Malmö, Sweden, mainly with excavations in medieval villages. I have a Master degree in Archaeology and a Bachelor degree in Medieval archaeology from Lund University.