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Introduction of Katarína Mokránová

New research assistant in the project Circular Economy and Urban Sustainability in Antiquity.

Katarína (Kate) Mokránová completed her BA degree in Archaeology and Ancient Civilisations at Durham University, the UK, specialising in the material culture of the classical and post-classical Near East. Kate also graduated (cum laude) with a Research MA degree in Archaeology of the Near East and the Mediterranean region from Leiden University, The Netherlands. During her Research MA studies, she worked as a Student Research Assistant for the 'Rural Riches' Project (study of post-Roman north-western Europe) and the Leiden Islamic Jerash Project (working on the Byzantine-Islamic pottery from Jerash and funded by the NINO, Leiden). She also held two other assistantships as an Education Support Assistant and Research Data Management Student Assistant at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. In 2021, Kate was a Patricia and Pierre Bikai Fellow at the American Centre of Research in Amman, Jordan.

Kate has a background in the archaeology of the classical (Roman) and post-classical (Byzantine-Islamic) periods, focusing primarily on production, value, distribution and use/reuse of pottery. In addition to her interests in ceramics, Kate is interested in ancient economy, urban-rural material entanglements, digital archaeology, and the social history of archaeological research.

Currently, Kate works as a Research Assistant for the Circular Economy and Urban Sustainability Project.