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Introduction of Kirstine Haase

New postdoc at UrbNet.

I am a medieval archaeologist specializing in urban archaeology. I have been employed as an archaeologist and curator at Odense City Museums, Denmark, since 2013. In 2019 I obtained my PhD degree in a research project on urban practices, networks and identities in medieval Odense which was a collaboration between (among others) UrbNet and Odense City Museums.

I am very pleased to be back at UrbNet where I will be working on 3D mapping of archaeological deposits in medieval cities based on existing archaeological and geological data. In contrast to the existing GIS-based documentation, which is usually two-dimensional, a 3D model will illustrate the extent to which the archaeological deposits are preserved and identify areas where they are endangered. The aim is also to investigate methods for evaluating the state of the archaeological record and its preservation conditions.