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Introduction of Michael Blömer

Michael Blömer has taken up a position as UrbNet assistant professor, starting 1 November 2015.

Michael Blömer is an archaeologist specialised in Asia Minor and the Roman Near East. His main research focus is on urbanism, sculpture, and religious iconography of this area. Beyond that he has worked extensively on trans-local cults in the Roman Empire and the cult of Iuppiter Dolichenus in particular. Michael also has a long record of experience in field archaeology. Most notable is his commitment to the excavation of the Iuppiter Dolichenus sanctuary near Doliche in South East Turkey. This is also reflected in large number of publications on various issues related to the sanctuary and the surrounding region.

Since summer 2015, Michael has been in charge of a new excavation project in the city area of Doliche. This project offers a unique opportunity to explore a major urban settlement of ancient North Syria. By integrating contextual archaeology and scientific techniques, he wants to test the urban history of Doliche and in so doing aims at delivering new assumptions about urbanism and urban networks in the Near East.