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Introduction of Michela De Felicibus

Visiting PhD student, July-September 2019.

I am an Italian medievalist specialized in landscape archaeology and in material culture studies.

I studied archaeology at Bologna University, achieving a BA in Ravenna and a MA in Bologna. I also achieved a MA in Histoire e archeologie du Moyen age at Lyon University, France.

The aim of my Ph.D. dissertation is to investigate the rural settlements in the North of Romagna (Italy) during the Late Antiquity and how they evolved during the High Middle Ages.

In order to achieve this aim, I am going to examine written, cartographic and archaeological sources with the purpose of pointing out all type of rural settlements, how they are connected and their relation with the society of that period. This information are going to be used to create a GIS platform, connecting it to a nowadays cartographic map.

Using Social Network Analysis Method, all the result of these studies are going to be analysed and interpreted, in order to be able to understand and study different aspects, like rural settlements, land ownership, social and family connections, material culture and trade routes.