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Introduction of Neeke Hammers

UrbNet PhD student.

I have an MPhil in Archaeology, with a research focus on palaeoecology, from Leiden University (2012), and an MA in Environmental Archaeology, with a focus on archaeobotany, from Umeå University (2014). Until September 2015, I was employed as an archaeobotanist at Moesgaard Museum.

I am particularly interested in environmental and economic changes in past societies, and how changes in environment and economy can influence each other. I am also interested in the differences in food economy in different countries, and how this is reflected in the urban development.

The PhD project Trade, Import, and Urban Development focuses on an archaeobotanical approach to the interpretation of network connections and urban development in northern Europe during medieval times. Archaeobotanical remains from urban contexts will form the basis for the study. Part of the study will aim to develop methods for analysing the provenance of botanical remains by means of isotope analysis. The provenance of exotic plant remains have the possibility to give information on trade connections. The study will also focus on the functional aspects of archaeobotanical research, related to the preservation and representation of organic remains in urban contexts.