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Introduction of Olga Palacios Martinez

Visiting PhD student at UrbNet.

I am a prehistoric archaeologist interested in the application of quantitative, computational, and experimental methods to explore how early agropastoral communities interacted and modified their environment. I am currently doing a PhD at the Autonomous University of Barcelona investigating the socioeconomic dynamics of early agropastoral communities. In my research, I am looking at the organisation strategies that these communities could have potentially employed for ensuring their long-term survival in their environment. To achieve this aim, I am modelling the dynamics of small-scale agropastoral communities through Bayesian networks, a probabilistic supervised machine learning algorithm. With this method, I can predict and quantify the most probable socioeconomic strategy that these communities could have applied.

At UrbNet, I am expanding my knowledge of dynamics and interactions of past communities under the supervision of Associate Professor Tom Brughmans and Dr Iza Romanowska.