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Introduction of Sebastian Whybrew

New visiting PhD student at UrbNet.

Sebastian Whybrew received his master’s degree at the University of Münster in 2015. In his master’s thesis Whybrew analysed the iconography of the helmet devices of the mythological figures depicted on the Greek coins of Southern Italy and Sicily. Since April 2016 he has been working on his PhD-thesis (working title: Augustus and Apollo. An Aspect of Augustan Self-Representation and Its Reception in the Roman Empire). In addition to his PhD-project, Whybrew works as a researcher for the Doliche excavation project of the Forschungsstelle Asia Minor at the University of Münster. Within the project he is responsible for the intensive urban survey, which began in 2017.

During Whybrew's stay as a guest at UrbNet he will be working on both his thesis and the processing of the results of the survey.