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Introduction of Vana Orfanou

New UrbNet postdoctoral fellow.

Vana is an archaeometallurgist with post-graduate studies (MSc, PhD at UCL, London) in the analysis of archaeological materials and with a specialisation in the analytical examination of ancient and historic metals, after completing a bachelor in history, archaeology and cultural resources management (University of Peloponnese, Greece). As a postdoctoral scientist at the Institut for Geoscience and in collaboration with UrbNet, Vana will be working on the analyses of isotopes from metal objects from a variety of archaeological sites and chronological periods in Europe, Near East and north Africa, with the aim of refining existing provenancing methods/protocols and further exploring new ones. As part of her previous post-doctoral research she has been involved in the analytical examination of medieval Islamic copper-based metalwork from the Persian world from the collection at Musée du Louvre, while her doctoral research focused on a votive copper-based assemblage from Early Iron Age mainland Greece (8th-6th c. BCE).