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Kirstine Haase appointed Head of Research at Museum Odense

UrbNet is proud to announce that Kirstine Haase, former UrbNet PhD student and later postdoctoral fellow, will take up the position as Head of Research at Museum Odense, starting 1 February 2024.

From 1 February 2024, the new Head of Research at Museum Odense will be Curator and PhD Kirstine Haase, who has been employed at Museum Odense since 2013. Kirstine Haase will thus take over from her colleague PhD Mads Thagård Runge, who since 1 December 2023 has taken on new challenges within the organization as he began his position as Development Manager for H.C. Andersen's House.

Kirstine Haase has been a significant contributor to Museum Odense's research for many years. Grounded in archaeology, her research has focused on medieval cities and the social processes that shape them. The starting point has been, among other things, the numerous findings made in the city centre of Odense in connection with the transformation and development of the city in the last 10 years. Kirstine Haase is the author of several research publications, popular science articles, and many other dissemination activities. Recently, she secured a grant of DKK 3.8 million from the Augustinus Foundation for the research centre CENTRUM at Museum Odense for the project "The Consequences of Crisis”. The project involves archaeological and osteological research into how individuals and societies react when a crisis occurs. The Scandinavian research project, led by Kirstine Haase, is based on materials from decades of excavations in Odense.

Director Henrik Harnow, Museum Odense, says:

"With a strong background as a researcher, an extensive and diverse network, and experience from several major projects, I am confident that Kirstine Haase will be able to undertake the task of continuing the fine and strong tradition of high-level research at Museum Odense. Research has always been crucial for Museum Odense, and with Kirstine Haase's perspective and, at the same time, insight into the museum's conditions, I am confident that the high ambitions for the future will be met."

When Kirstine Haase assumes the position on 1 February, she will also join the management team at Museum Odense.

Contact information
Email: kirha@odense.dk 
Phone: +45 30 50 23 11