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Lecture series on great Danish archaeologists

New lecture series at the Danish University Extension in Emdrup.

Photo: The Palmyra Portrait Project, courtesy of Mary Ebba Underdown.

On Monday 22 October, the lecture series on great Danes in archaeology will begin at the Danish University Extension in Emdrup. First lecture by Professor Rubina Raja and Research Assistant Eva Mortensen is an introduction to the history of archaeology in Denmark and the important people who have established and put their lasting mark on the discipline. The next seven lectures will revolve around those great archaeologists who sought to excavate and elucidate the cities of the past and unravel questions of importance in relation to urban cultures. The lectures are in Danish, and they are held by eight Danish researchers within different fields of archaeology. It is still possible to sign up: https://fuau.dk/emdrup/program/arkaeologi-og-historie/store-danske-arkaeologer-paa-jagt-efter-fortidens-byer-1822-003