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Opening of the Mobile Museum ”The Past Exposed/ Fortiden fremkaldt”

By PhD student Hanna Dahlström.

Photo: Museum of Copenhagen.
Photo: Museum of Copenhagen.

The weekend of the 26th-27th of August, the mobile museum “The Past Exposed/ Fortiden fremkaldt” had its premiere at the Kulturhavn Festival on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. The museum uses animations, sensory and hands-on experiences to tell stories of how the towns from the very beginning were connected to other places, near and far. Inside the museum, the journeys of objects and raw materials to the town is displayed through playful animations. On the outside, a mobile “cityscape” is built where visitors can explore and compare objects of today with archaeological objects, as well as hold and examine real archaeological finds. The museum is staffed at all times with archaeologists who talk to the visitors about the exhibition, about ongoing excavations and about new research.

The opening weekend was a great success, with c. 1200–1400 people visiting the museum and talking to archaeologists from Museum of Copenhagen who hosted the event.

The museum is a part of the research and public outreach project “Urban Encounters”, a collaboration project by Museum of Copenhagen, Odense City museums, the Nya Lödöse project in Gothenburg and UrbNet. In 2017, the museum will be popping up at different events and at different places in Copenhagen, in 2018 it will travel to Odense and in 2019 it will reach Gothenburg.

Read more at https://fortidenfremkaldt.com/.