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Palmyra and the East: An international symposium within the framework of the Palmyra Portrait Project at the Getty Villa

On 18 and 19 April 2019, the international symposium Palmyra and the East will be held at the Getty Villa in Los Angeles in conjunction with the exhibition Palmyra - Loss & Remembrance. The symposium is co-organized by the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Palmyra Portrait Project with support from the Carlsberg Foundation.

Photo: The J. Paul Getty Museum

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The J. Paul Getty Museum

The symposium Palmyra and the East, which is open to the public, will be exploring the oasis city of Palmyra’s links to the East by gathering several experts from a variety of different disciplines. Being an oasis city in the Syrian Desert, the ancient caravan city of Palmyra was a central infrastructural node in the desert and became a hub for the exchange of goods, people and ideas between the Roman empire in the West and the Parthian empire in the East. A range of topics will be addressed during the two-day symposium ranging from the city’s location on the silk roads, its languages and inscriptions, its politics and religion, to its distinctive funerary art.

Palmyra and the East is part of the international collaboration between the Palmyra Portrait Project, which has been funded since 2012 by the Carlsberg Foundation, and the J. Paul Getty Museum.

The contributions given at the symposium Palmyra and the East will be published in a conference proceeding, which is planned for publication c. 2020. For more information on the symposium, see the links on the bottom of the page. Tickets are available (free of charge) through the following link: https://tickets.getty.edu/shows/palmyra%20and%20the%20east/events