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PhD Meeting “How do we get our research out there?”

By PhD students Hanna Dahlström, Olav Gundersen and Kirstine Haase.

Photo: Rubina Raja.

On May 23, UrbNet’s PhD students hosted an event for the PhD students at the PhD programme HAC, on the theme “How do we get our research out there?”. Speakers were Mette Frisk Jensen, project manager for danmarkshistorien.dk, Leif Erik Vaag, editor of SKALK, and Rubina Raja, UrbNet centre director. Thirteen PhD students found their way to Moesgård to participate in the event. The speakers gave inspiring talks springing both from their own experiences as senior researchers and, in the case of Mette Frisk Jensen and Leif Erik Vaag, as editors of popular public outreach channels. The discussion focused on how to take ownership and be pro-active in the dissemination of one’s own research, how to communicate the best with journalists as well as on practical issues, such as how to allocate time for public dissemination, and why this is important also for junior researchers. The meeting is planned to be followed by a workshop on the theme of public outreach, and the aim is also to continue with informal meetings for the PhD students in the programme, focused around issues of common interest.