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Postdoc Barbora Wouters nominated for the EOS Pipette Prize 2018

by Eos Wetenschap and the Young Academy in Flanders.

2018.05.18 | Christina Levisen


Barbora Wouters has been nominated as one of the five final laureates for the prestigious Eos Pipette Prize 2018, awarded by the popular science magazine Eos Wetenschap and the Young Academy in Flanders. Two promising researchers under 35 will get an award based on a jury vote and an audience vote, respectively. Barbora is featured for her work in Ribe within the framework of the project Northern Emporium. The award ceremony will take place 27 May at a Science festival.

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You can cast your vote until 24 May: https://www.eoswetenschap.eu/geschiedenis/stad-onder-de-microscoop.

See also this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=QeYZHpAXCzE

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