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Religion and Urbanity: “Theorising Mutual Formations“

Conference organised by Professor and Centre director Rubina Raja, Professor Jörg Rüpke, and Professor Susanne Rau.

The international conference Religion and Urbanity: “Theorising Mutual Formations“ will be held at the Augustinerkloster in Erfurt from 6th – 8th November. The conference is organised by Susanne Rau and Jörg Rüpke (University of Erfurt) in collaboration with Rubina Raja.

The conference aims to discuss and develop the conceptual and terminological apparatus for research on what role religion played for urbanization, how urbanity changed religion and how the two continually influence one another.

Leading experts who represent multiple disciplines, such as religious studies, history, classics, archaeology, urban studies, and anthropology of religion, will join forces, and the conference will concentrate on important debates of old and new conceptual frameworks.

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