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Sarah Croix takes up tenured associate professorship at UrbNet

UrbNet is proud to announce the appointment of Dr Sarah Croix as Associate Professor at the centre and at the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies.

Dr Sarah Croix, who is a well-known capacity at Centre for Urban Network Evolutions, completed her PhD project about gender and space in the Viking Age in 2012 at Aarhus University. She has since established herself as a prominent figure in the field of Viking-age and early medieval archaeology in Scandinavia. For the past ten years, Sarah Croix’ research has focused on urbanization, and she has gotten much attention for the innovative approaches she helped develop in Ribe during the Northern Emporium Project, directed by UrbNet’s deputy director, Professor Søren M. Sindbæk.

Sarah Croix investigates how people in the past shaped ways of living together and how their relationships were constructed and enabled through their material world. She focuses on the Viking Age in Scandinavia and its cultural transformations in a broad European perspective. She has co-directed several excavations at Ribe’s Viking-age cemetery and at the Viking-age manor of Erritsø and turned fieldwork campaigns into research projects. She is a member of the editorial board of the Danish Journal of Archaeology and has co-edited Materiality and religious practice in Medieval Denmark (2021, with Mads V. Heilskov) and Svend Estridsen (2016, with Lasse Sonne). Her first monograph with Aarhus University Press, 1066 – Den sidste viking, is scheduled for publication early 2024.

Having published extensively in reputable journals and presented at numerous international conferences, Sarah Croix will continue to contribute significantly to the ongoing research initiatives at Centre for Urban Network Evolutions. Furthermore, she will be affiliated with the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, where she will continue teaching and training future archaeologists. Colleagues and students alike will benefit greatly from her rich academic insights and dedication to fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Centre for Urban Network Evolutions is enthusiastic about the appointment of Sarah Croix as Associate Professor, recognizing the value of her experience in urban archaeology. We look forward to the continued growth and success that Sarah Croix is sure to contribute to Aarhus University.

Sarah Croix will start her new tenured position 1 February 2024. You can also learn more about Sarah Croix and her research at UrbNet in this 'Meet UrbNet' video.