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"The Past Exposed" - the Mobile Museum visits Odense

In October, Odense City Museums is hosting the travelling museum and exhibition "The Past Exposed" - a concept developed by The Museum of Copenhagen, Bohusläns Museum/Nya Lödöse project in Gothenburg and Odense City Museums under the framework of the project "Urban Encounters", where also UrbNet is involved.

Photo: Markus Andersson

The combination of interactive features and archaeological objects in the mobile museum gives an intuitive and personal experience of the networks of material culture in Scandinavian cities. The exhibition is based on results from the large scale excavations that have taken place in Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Odense over the past years. Outside the exhibition it is possible to see and touch archaeological objects and meet the archaeologists and researchers involved in the excavations.

Visit the homepage for more information on location and opening hours: