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Unpredictability in research and the strengths of interdisciplinarity

The Danish Young Academy recently published its annual report. Centre director Rubina Raja wrote about her research on Palmyra in the report.

Annual report from the Danish Young Academy, 2021

Raja, R. (2021). “Palmyra Portræt Projektet (2012-2020): Forskningens uforudsigelighed og interdisciplinaritetens styrker”, Det Unge Akademis Årsskrift, 2021: 30-33.

The Danish Young Academy and Rubina Raja

Today, UrbNet’s centre director, Professor Rubina Raja, is a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, but her activity in the academy began with her membership in the independent unit of young researchers in the Danish Young Academy.

In 2011, the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters established the Danish Young Academy – a scientific academy for young, talented researchers in Denmark. A new platform was created for strengthening basic research and exchanging scientific ideas and challenges across disciplines. Rubina Raja was a member from the very beginning. Within the framework of the academy, she worked with research communication and research politics, such as grant structure, academic tenure and equality in the university world. In 2012–2013, she was president of the Danish Young Academy, and Thomas Bjørnskov Poulsen, today Professor in Chemistry at Aarhus University, was vice president. Together they wrote about the fostering of top-class education and research in Denmark.

Every year, the Danish Young Academy publishes an annual report about its work and with presentations of the members as well as research projects. 2021’s annual report was published recently, and it celebrates the first 10 years of the academy’s life. In this annual report, Rubina Raja contributed with an article about her research on Palmyra for the past 10 years. The results of research are always unpredictable, and this is highlighted in the article, where also the strengths of interdisciplinary research and of an academy where research ideas can be tested and challenged by experts in other subjects are discussed.

More about the Danish Young Academy

Find out more about the Danish Young Academy here: http://www.youngacademy.dk/

And read its earlier annual reports here: http://www.youngacademy.dk/Om%20Det%20Unge%20Akademi/Aarsskrift.aspx

More about Rubina Raja

Rubina Raja’s profile on Aarhus University can be found here:


Rubina Raja’s latest features in the Danish media

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