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Urban Networking in the Zanzibar Archipelago

The UrbNet team together with Abdallah K. Ali at a mosque of ancient stone town on Tumbatu Island.

A new UrbNet research theme on urban transitions in the Zanzibar archipelago has begun in early October with a short research trip conducted by Stephanie Wynne-Jones, Federica Sulas, and Søren M. Kristiansen. The team together with Abdallah K. Ali (Director of Department of Antiquity, Zanzibar) visited the island’s major urban sites: the early ancient settlement of Unguja Ukuu (late 1st mill. AD) and the stone town of Tumbatu Island (early 2nd mill. AD). The team was delighted to record good preservation conditions and repository archives suitable for developing a full program of high-resolution investigations in the coming months. Last but not least, the UrbNet team were charmed by the hospitality, seaside views, and culture of Zanzibar. We're now looking forward to work here as part of UrbNet research exploring the entanglements of urbanism across Europe, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean.