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UrbNet and the Palmyra Portrait Project at "Folkemødet 2018".

This year, UrbNet and the Palmyra Portrait Project (PPP) will be represented at “Folkemødet 2018”, an annual event which is organized by “Foreningen Folkemødet”. The purpose of the event is to celebrate democracy and community. This time, “Folkemødet” will be held in Allinge on the island of Bornholm. UrbNet and the PPP are represented by Professor Rubina Raja, who will give a talk entitled “24 Spørgsmål til Professoren: Rubina Raja og Lone Frank”. The talk will focus on her current research as well as on the importance of a broad understanding of our history and cultural heritage. The talk will be presented on the 14th of June at the event “Folkemøde: Mød Carlsbergfamilien i det debatfri telt”, held in the tent set up by the Carlsberg Foundation. The Carlsberg Family, which includes the third-largest brewery in the world, three foundations, two culture-historical museums, and one research laboratory, has pitched a large tent of 216 m2 at the old turning space for busses at Nørregade 35. The tent will be the centre of attention for a programme that has developed out of the efforts which the Carlsberg Family has made in the fields of science, art, and strong communities. The aim of the programme is to establish a space for reflection, dialogue, and insight among the many discussions at “Folkemødet”, and it is the opinion of the Carlsberg Family that a constructive debate must always take its point of departure in knowledge and perspective. For more information, see: http://www.carlsbergfondet.dk/da/Nyheder/Nyt-fra-fondet/Nyheder/Folkemoede-Moed-Carlsbergfamilien-i-Det-Debatfri-Telt.