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UrbNet in new collaboration on the archaeological heritage of Wolin, Poland

UrbNet’s research was on the table on 31 January – 2 February 2024, His Majesty King Frederik of Denmark visited Poland on his first state visit.

In addition to Polish-Danish cooperation within energy efficiency, offshore wind, ports development, agriculture, biogas and security, the visit saw the signing of a letter of intent concerning archaeological research in Wolin, agreed between the University of Aarhus, the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Moesgaard Museum, the Municipality of Wolin and the Wolin Museum, as well as representatives of the Wolin-Jómsborg-Wineta Slavic and Viking Centre Association.

The initiative was developed between UrbNet’s Søren Michael Sindbæk and Polish partners interested in applying the high-definition excavation methods at UrbNet and within the Northern Emporium project. The collaboration will aim to develop joint archaeological research in Wolin, and cooperation in promoting the shared Polish-Scandinavian heritage of this famous early medieval city – ancestor to the Norse legend of Jomsborg, and one of the key centres of the Viking Age world.

Read more: https://polishscience.pl/en/polish-danish-archaeological-research-in-wolin-to-take-place/